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Prototype Designer

The Journey

 Founder Jonathon Jones wanted an easy to use app on his phone to map an extremely rare collection of trees and shrubs. He scoured the market and tested all the tree mapping systems out there, but none were as simple and easy to use as he needed. He came up with a brief with lots of unique features, including to help the collection owners instantly and easily every tree and shrub. By the end of 2021, the Tremap proof-of-concept app and database was on the app stores for download.

Since that rapid start, Tremap has evolved into the world's first global tree platform, built you, for academics and amateurs, curators and communities.

Tremap is completely revolutionising the world of tree collection management. More than that, Tremap changes how we look at the 3 trillion trees around us. Tremap lets every person on the planet who has a smartphone (there are 6.6 billion of us) know every tree

At Tremap, we love simplicity and efficiency - both in how our platform works and how we work to create it.  

The Global Team

Corporate Leadership and Technical Development

Jonathon Jones

Jonathon Jones OBE


"Trees are fantastic.  I have a lifelong obsession with trees - climbing, planting, counting, collecting and conserving trees..."   

Jonathon is Tremap's chief tree hugger.  He is the visionary behind Tremap's philosophy of Position, Protect and Plant. And, he's the horticultural authority at Tremap, with over 30 years of intimate experience with all things green.

Jonathon is based at Tremap headquarters in Cornwall, UK

Morag Jones.jpeg

Morag Jones


"We have a great idea and a great global team. I love watching the Tremap platform come together..."

Morag is Tremap's Chief Financial Officer. She's the coordinator of all things fiscal and keeps procurement, invoicing, accounting and long-range financial planning happening smoothly. 

Morag is based at Tremap headquarters in Cornwall, UK

Rob Sanders

Rob Sanders

Database Systems Development

"OK. Where's the roadmap...?"

Prior to filling his role with Tremap, Rob worked in both medical and financial tech in the City of London. Rob has experience not only with technology, but also within agricultural and environmental management and monitoring.

Rob is based in SW England. He's sometimes found in Cornwall, sometimes in Bristol.

Iryna Ramyk.jpg

Iryna Ramyk

Client Support

Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Spanish, Iryna takes care of Tremap's clients in Ukraine, and Central Asia as well as Spain and Latin America.

Iryna works with the Tremap team from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Lindsey Axten

Lindsey Axten

Project Management

With two decades of experience in managing a diverse range of large corporate brands under her belt, and a methodical approach to handling the technical and design aspects of project management, Lindsey has consistently  delivered Tremap's proof-of-concept app releases on time.  

Lindsey works from Cornwall, UK

Ana Bagdavadze

Ana Baghdavadze

Senior Product Designer

"Design shouldn't only be clean and beautiful. It should also be based on people's experience..."

Ana has a passion for creating useful, interactive, and satisfying user experiences. With years of experience in the field of graphic and digital artistry, she brings clean, modern design to the Tremap platform. 

Ana can be found in Batumi or Kutaisi at regular intervals, but mostly works from Tbilisi, Georgia.

Alexander Pataridze

Alexander Pataridze

Tech Development Lead

Alex is a positive and motivated senior mobile developer with over five years of experience in Android and iOS. He has created mobile banking suites for Georgia's largest banks, other company apps, and games. He is open-minded and always experiments with new technologies and frameworks. He loves a challenge. 


You'll find Alex in Batumi, Kutaisi, or (mostly) in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Giorgi Khimshiashvili

Tech Development Lead

Giorgi works on front and back end development from Indonesia.

Paul Axten

Paul Axten

Back End Development

"That's decidedly non-trivial. But possible, of course..."

Paul has been instrumental in bringing Tremap's proof-of-concept app to fruition. He's been the mastermind behind the initial stack development and has been instrumental in bringing all the components together to produce the first iteration of the world's simplest, most user-friendly tree mapping platform!

Paul is based in Cornwall, UK

Niko Chopikashvili 2.jpg

Niko Chopikashvili

Back End Development

"Fix the cause, not the symptom."

Niko brings an attention  to detail to the team that we love. He drills down until he understands the cause of backend design issues. It's that focus that makes the Tremap platform stable, fast and efficient.

He's part of the development team  based in  Tbilisi, Georgia


Teimuradz Pataridze

Admin and Legal

Tim ensures our T's are crossed and I's dotted in legal matters. He also tracks development expenses and financial planning of development resources and billing. He's sometimes based in Tbilisi,  sometimes in Kutaisi. But he's almost always at home in Georgia.


Givi Iashvili

Front End Development

Givi is on the Front End Development team and is transforming the wireframe of Tremap's web portal into an efficient, friendly user experience.

Givi is based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Anosh B.jpg

Anosh Billimoria

Research Intern

"To achieve change for an equitable society, both 'people' and 'planet' must work together"

Anosh brings to Tremap some great experience in the non-profit and the sustainability sectors in India. While studying MSC Sustainable Development at the University of Exeter he's helping Tremap gain a much clearer understanding of users and market needs.

He's resident in Penryn, Cornwall, but is at home in India.

Richard Maxwell.jpg

Richard Maxwell


"When I first came to Tremap, I wondered why anyone would even want to map a tree! Today, I totally get it. I'm delighted to be helping to build Tremap - the app that lets us 'Know Every Tree...'"   

Richard started his career as a programmer, then technical writer for an Australian tech startup. He held marketing and sales roles in Europe, then had a lengthy teaching/training career in countries of the CIS. He has a deep understanding of tech, marketing and people that helps position Tremap as a disruptor, an innovator, a pathfinder.

He's a true digital nomad, found at times in native Canada, the UK, Georgia or continental Europe.

Nika Gabunia

Nika Gabunia

Product Development Lead

When it comes to getting a job done? Veni, vidi, vici.

Nika brings 5 years of IT management to the Tremap team. He oversees product development and keeps the development sprints happening on time, the team members coordinated and the multitude of moving parts in our team ticking over smoothly.

Nika is based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Nicole 2.jpg

Nicole Maxwell

Sales and Client Support

"It's way more important to listen than to talk..."

Nicole is a first point of contact for Tremap's clients. Fluent in English, German, French and Spanish, she brings a great international "face" to Tremap- fitting for the developer of the world's first global database of trees!

Nicole can sometimes be found in Georgia, sometimes in the UK, sometimes in Germany.

Miranda Paghava

Miranda Paghava

Project Management

"I love it when words written on paper become a tangible product and you get feedback from a satisfied customer." 

MIranda has 10 years of project management experience, 3 of them in IT. She brings a wealth of expertise to Tremap, having successfully completed numerous projects in a wide variety of industries. Mira excels at drilling down to define needs, plans and implements each step efficiently and keeps Tremap's team delivering releases right on-time. 


Miranda works from Tbilisi, Georgia. 

Konstantine (cropped).jpeg

Konstantine Kokochashvili

Product Development Manager

"You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength."

With a background in backend and frontend development as well as UX/UI design, Kosta is perfectly equipped to steer platform development at Tremap. His attention to detail, clear thinking and understanding of "what works and what doesn't" is making our UX what we want it to be: intuitive, quick, sensible.


Kosta works from Kutaisi, Georgia.  

Levani Khimshiashvili

Levani Khimshiashvili

Front End Development Lead

Levani has years of development under his belt: 5 years of React Native experience, 4 years of React and 4 years of Javascript. He brings an authority and insight to the team and helps make the Tremap platform robust, innovative, and crisp in execution.

Leo works from Indonesia.

Graham Axten

Graham Axten

Front End Development

With seven years’ experience in games and VR development Graham has a keen feeling for making apps friendly, accessible and engaging. That’s just the profile we want for Tremap: Every person on the planet should be able to map a tree. And enjoy it! 

Graham works from Nottingham, UK


Guga Takniashvili

Front End Development

Guga is based in Tbilisi, Georgia

Nika Kereselidze 2.jpg

Nika Kereselidze

Back End Development

"Quality over quantity."

Nika is working behind the scenes to make the Tremap platform architecture what it needs to be: slick, quick and robust.

Nika is on the development team based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Jeko Tediashvili

Jeko Tediashvili

Front End Development

Jeko is based in Tbilisi, Georgia


Levani Lortkipanidze

Graphic Design

Levani is the man behind the graphic design and UI of Tremap's web portal. He works with our UX/UI team to ensure the user journey is logical, efficient, visually clear and attractive - in short, that the Tremap product just works. 

Levani is based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Tremap photo_edited.jpg

Kristina Jones


Kristina takes care of marketing materials, communications and event management for Tremap.

Kristina is from the Faroe Islands, but is now based in Cornwall.


Field Consultants and Associates

Alan Rowe
Alan Rowe
Tremap Arboricultural Consultant
Alan has several decades of experience in urban tree care and serves as advisor to several local councils on tree issues.

Based in Cornwall, UK, Alan is the motor behind the Falmouth TC Tree Champions.
Rodrigo Fernandez
Rodrigo Fernández Carbó
Tremap Digital Content Associate

Chilean documentary film maker and author of the book “Chilean trees around the World.”

Besides travelling and searching for Chilean tree species abroad, he explores the wilds of Chile and brings to the Tremap platform his personal, yet highly authorative content of Chilean native trees in short video clips.

Andrew Ormerod
Dr. Andrew Ormerod
Tremap Arboricultural Consultant
Andrew is a qualified horticulturalist and is engaged in ground-breaking research in fruit tree propogation.

Andrew is based in Cornwall but can be found caring for his experimental apple orchards across the SW of England.

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