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Prototype Designer

The Journey

 Founder Jonathon Jones wanted an easy to use app on his phone to map an extremely rare collection of trees and shrubs. He scoured the market and tested all the tree mapping systems out there, but none were as simple and easy to use as he needed. He came up with a brief with lots of unique features, including to help the collection owners instantly and easily map every tree and shrub. By the end of 2021, the Tremap proof-of-concept app and database was on the app stores for download.

Since that rapid start, Tremap has evolved into a suite of intelligent but simple tools, built to help anyone - amateurs to academics, private gardeners to professionals - care for trees and green areas.

At Tremap, we love simplicity and efficiency - both in how our platform works and how we work to create it.  

Welcome to our team.

The Tremap Team

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