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State-of-the-art management
software for urban trees and green areas

GreenSpaces has defined the standard in innovative green space management throughout Europe for more than 20 years.
Optimised for use by UK local authorities, tree care and green space management professionals, we proudly present
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Equipment installations monitored
2m +
Trees managed
5000 +
Satisfied users

What is Tremap GreenSpaces

An integrated and geo-referenced platform to organise and document the care and maintenance of trees, playgrounds and urban green spaces
A single, continually updated database and a simple, user-friendly SaaS interface that provides configurable access for an unlimited number of users
A powerful tool to help cities, companies and consultants save time and money on green space maintenance, risk management and ecosystem benefits reporting

Why Tremap GreenSpaces

Increase efficiency

Green management based on up-to-date, real-time information is much more cost-effective. Make decisions with a comprehensive record  at your fingertips of every single management event and user action performed.

Engage the public

Wondering how to increase public engagement in green spaces? Tremap GreenSpaces provides the citizen reporting and public portal toolkit to help communities become involved and invested in their green spaces.


Our flexible open standards based solutions can be easily integrated into existing management systems. This gives you full control of your data at all times via clearly documented interfaces.

Improve safety

Updated monitoring of trees and play equipment helps reduce the risk of accidents in public areas. GreenSpaces  includes integrated QTRA calculation, tree assessments, playground inspections and secure tracking of maintenance activities.


GreenSpaces represents 20 years of constant development and improvement in data capture techniques, use of  environmental sensors, NFC and RFID tagging. It offers much-improved and more accurate ecosystem services calculation and intelligent workflow planning.

Used by thousands of urban green space management professionals across Europe. 

Tree and Greenspace management Companies
Local/Regional Authorities and Councils
Tree and Playground Consultants

GreenSpaces User Success Stories

GreenSpaces User Success Stories

GreenSpaces User Success Stories
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GreenSpaces | Hamburg Success Story

GreenSpaces | Hamburg Success Story

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GreenSpaces | Bolzano Success Story

GreenSpaces | Bolzano Success Story

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GreenSpaces | Kraków Success Story

GreenSpaces | Kraków Success Story

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Watch this space for User Success Stories in the UK coming soon!


Comprehensive management

Tremap GreenSpaces manages all elements of green areas in a spatial database. Users can plan maintenance jobs, track issues with attached documents and photos, calculate QTRA scores and carry out tree assessments  and playground/sports equipment inspections.

Via the GreenSpaces mobile app, users can monitor and document operations directly in the field (even without Internet connectivity). Numeric or RFID tags help identify objects under management and provide full traceability for all maintenance events.

Data structures for managed objects, monitoring forms, validation procedures, types of jobs and user profiles are all highly configurable, providing clients with an interface solution perfectly adapted to their needs.

Tremap GreenSpaces Modules

Tremap GreenSpaces has been designed to provide a fully comprehensive solution for inventory and management of urban green areas. In addition to basic inventory, assessment and work planning functionalities, a set of additional modules turn GreenSpaces into a powerful tool to help cities adapt to climate change, reduce the carbon footprint of maintenance activities and foster citizen engagement.
GreenSpaces Meteo Module.png
Maintenance activities in the field are highly dependent on weather conditions. This module provides the necessary weather information to plan activities more efficiently:
  • Weather dashboard with current hourly data and future forecasts for precipitation, temperature, humidity, wind, evapotranspiration and solar radiation
  • Weather warnings available several days in advance and updated every hour
  • Allows download of raw weather data and forecasts

Alan Rowe


Operations Manager

Plymouth City Council

“Integrated QTRA calculation, super simple work flow management and sensible pricing? Tremap GreenSpaces is a game-changer!"

Technical Information

A single, up-to-date database
Have special requirements for procedures, managed lists and user roles? Tremap GreenSpaces lets you configure everything to suit the way you work.
Unlimited number of users
You decide who uses the platform. There is no limit on the number of users you can create for all stakeholders involved in the management of green areas.
Data import/export
Tremap GreenSpaces allows authorised users to import and export survey data in a standardised and documented format.
Tremap GreenSpaces follows international data storage and data structure standards for tree assessments and playground management.
An activity calendar for each site can be shared with contractors and administrators as a detailed job list or Gantt chart. Users can view only those activities for which they have responsibility.
Maintenance activities, tree assessments and inspections can be scheduled and assigned to operators. Automatic procedures allow planning of activities dependant on inspection outcomes.
GreenSpaces is available in various versions for green space management companies, public administrations and tree and playground experts.
Don't want your data locked into one platform? Tremap GreenSpaces is desigbned for interoperability, allowing integration with with other IT platforms via API interfaces.
Software as a Service
Tremap GreenSpaces is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) for an annual subscription fee, which includes the use of the web platform and mobile app hosting service, daily data back-up and remote support.
Offline operation
Information can be updated directly in the field using the mobile app. In the event of weak or no Internet connectivity, data is recorded and synced with the server when connectivity is restored.
QTRA calculation
Tremap GreenSpaces includes inbuilt QTRA calculation for risk assessment.
Base maps and data layers
Ordnance Survey maps included as standard. Tree canopy cover layers, remote sensing data layers  and tree equity scoring data coming soon.

Want more Information?

Explore GreenSpaces product documentation
Tremap GreenSpaces product brochure
Tremap GreenSpaces technical description
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