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Embedded Tremap web maps are here!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Have you tried using Google Maps to showcase your tree mapping project on your website? Do you wish there was something a little simpler, a little "friendlier" or a little more tree specific?

Have you ever wished you could just embed Tremap's super slick tree map interface right into your own website?

Tremap Embedded web maps are here! Now you can generate iframe code snippets from within your Tremap web portal account. Centre your map where you wish, choose a zoom level, decide on the width and height of your map in pixels and place your Tremap web map anywhere you wish, embedded right in your own web page!

Your site visitors will be able to click on tree markers and explore trees in your collection, just like they can in the Tremap app.

Use this great new feature to expand the reach of your project - link to your embedded web map on social media, insert the link in emails and project documentation and instantly raise awareness of your trees!

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