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Invest in a greener future

Invest in a greener future with the world’s first global tree counter Position, Protect, Plant. Position …every tree on Earth with the most sophisticated mapping to date. The first dedicated tree mapping system designed for you, to help map every tree. Protect and Save …trees from being lost, quite literally. Plant to Grow …green spaces and support biodiversity with tree conservation.

Whatever your views on the climate crisis and ongoing battle against deforestation, everyone agrees that protecting trees, one of our planet’s most important resources, has never been so urgent.

That’s why we need to take every opportunity we can to protect and nurture our trees for a leafy-green future – starting today.

So, how does Tremap lead all this? Here at Tremap, our botanical business visionaries are disrupting inefficient tree records by creating the world’s new global standard.

Our plan is to digitally label every tree on a global scale, by putting the power in the hands of the people. Why? So, we can create more transparent tree conservation and build data that doesn’t (literally) cost the Earth. And how will we do it? It’s pretty simple, really…

How does it work? We’re constantly developing our nifty app (Tremap) that will void the use of plastic labels and create a giant database that any user can contribute to, with the goal to build the most accurate tree record system in history.

The Tremap app will essentially be a virtual tree label, with users being able to document everything from the indigenous trees in their front yard to the tropical palms of their local botanical garden.

But it’s not just for the average tree enthusiast, either. This app will also be a vital tool for those who regularly need access to tree data; from local councils providing tree management services to conservation groups boldly fighting to protect nature around the world.

Why should I invest? Tremap is the first project of its kind and will play a vital role in the fight for effective tree conservation on a global scale.

Open to all, it appeals to a broad audience, from the humble nature lover to those key players and businesses working to create a greener future for everyone. Locating trees now becomes easier than finding Pokémon's; a lot of fun and far more worthwhile!

By supporting the Tremap project, you will not only help us save more trees, reduce plastic pollution and support biodiversity, but you will also receive a prelisting discount and become one of our transparent tree conservation partners.

To make an expression of interest in investing in Tremap, please email the team at

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