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Space for Trees? AeroSpace Cornwall gets behind Tremap!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Tremap is excited to be the recipient of funding by AeroSpace Cornwall and the European Regional Development Fund.

We're delighted to have the backing of AeroSpace Cornwall, the ERDF and other local and global leaders in helping to secure Cornwall's place on the world stage as a global innovator and exporter of technology.

With this generous support, Tremap embarks on the next phase of development of its database, app and web portal.

Harnessing two powerful space assets - Earth Observation and GPS - the Tremap platform lets every person on the planet access and contribute to the world's first global database of trees.

Tremap is:

  • The world's most user-friendly, fun-to-use app that lets everyone map trees

  • The world's simplest, most cost-effective Cloud based collection management tool for botanical gardens, arboreta, private collections and city council green spaces

  • The world's first global database of trees

  • The world's most innovative way to use space assets in caring for the planet's trees

Press enquiries? Looking for investment opportunities? Get in touch with us for more information:

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