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Tremap pilot project in Falmouth, UK

In cooperation with Falmouth Town Council (Cornwall, UK) Tremap has launched an exciting new pilot project in Kimberley Park, one of the town's best loved green spaces. The gardens are home to a rich variety of species and are enjoyed daily by over 50,000 inhabitants of Falmouth and surrounding areas. We're delighted to join Falmouth Town Council in transforming this beautiful green space into an engaging, educational virtual world, accessible on the phones of every park visitor.

The Tremap app provides species information, history, cultural notes and high resolution photographs for every living asset in the park. Far from being a simple plant ID app, Tremap eliminates all uncertainty, guessing, searching the Internet and waiting while apps churn and process. Tremap instantly provides the viewer with accurate common names, species and background horticultural information, specific to the exact tree, woody plant or shrub the visitor has clicked on.

Tremap has now successfully completed phase one of the pilot project. The entire set of taxa in the garden are mapped and over 870 living assets have been geo-positioned using our new GNSS satellite receiver equipment to an average accuracy of 30 cm. We're now excited to progress to the second phase of the pilot project: tailoring our Tremap app to provide the most user-friendly, engaging, innovative virtual user guide for urban green spaces ever developed.

Watch this space as we develop our app interface, and follow us early next year at Kimberley Park in Falmouth when we publicly launch Tremap there: the world's simplest, most engaging, most transformative green space visitor guide!

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