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Tremap welcomes University of Exeter students!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Lots of challenges await a tech start-up like Tremap. There are, however, some great advantages to being small, agile and fast-growing! One of those is the ability to provide some truly unique opportunities for university students just entering the work world.

We're developing in all kinds of areas at Tremap. And as we move into new territory, we're delighted to give a number of students the chance to join us in our journey. We're partnering with Exeter University, in SW England to offer a range of student placements. Successful candidates will join us on at least four different development projects, ranging from video and photographic app content libraries, to multilingual taxonomy projects, to helping design and build the Tremap global tree database.

Tremap offers candidates extremely flexible weekly commitment schedules, and total freedom to work remotely or at its offices in Cornwall. Potential applicants can apply via Handshake. See the links below for more information!

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