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Tremap wins UKRI InnovateUK grant funding for Design Study

Tremap is delighted to be the recipient of generous grant funding by UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) and Innovate UK.

2022 has been a fantastic year on the development front! Tremap's software development team is on track to release Version 2.0 of the Tremap web portal and app in January (2023) and with that, the world's first global database of trees and accompanying web portal and app will be available. The toolkit is built and ready for use!

And that opens up a whole new landscape to explore for Tremap: just how can this powerful but super-simple tool best be used? In partnership with Cornwall based creative partner Evident Agency, Tremap will now conduct a 6 month in-depth study of how we might take the basic global tree database platform and software tools (Cloud based web portal and iOS/Android app) and develop those further to solve our planet's environmental problems.

Specifically, Tremap sees a powerful role for itself in regional and local council tree-care tasks in:

  1. mitigating Ash Dieback (implementation of council ADAPs)

  2. alleviating bottlenecks in compliance issues and TPO (Tree Preservation Order) system management

  3. providing transparency and accountability/reporting for council carbon offset/net-zero tree programmes

  4. public/communities programmes to help citizens lift some of the burden (budgetary and staffing) of tree care from councils, engage in trees and become invested in them.

The InnovateUK funded planet-centred Design Foundations project will examine those four areas and, in liaison with councils and communities alike, determine just how Tremap can be developed and used to care for trees.

There are professional tree management software platforms.

There are citizen science tree interest apps.

Tremap is unique in bridging the gap between both of those.

A platform for both the professional and the public, the academic and the amateur, Tremap is set to be the planet's most innovative tree care platform, quite simply because of how it's used and who uses it. Thanks to backing by InnovateUK, Tremap and Evident are setting out to fund out from councils and communities exactly how that should look.

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