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New Feature! Clickable logos and URL links!

Now you can embed your logo directly in the Tremap app interface! You can even add client logo's or icons or logos for your current tree project!

Clickable logos are a great way to link to our other great new feature: embedded web maps! Add a company or project logo to the trees in your collection and let app users tap and visit your embedded web map, directly on your own website!

Add embedded logos to the Tremap app interface in just three easy steps:

1) log in to your Tremap web portal account

2) upload the png or jpg file for the logo

3) enter the URL of the page you want users to link to and click Save!

You'll have just added a powerful new public engagement tool to your arsenal of marketing tools!

Embedded logos are a great way to raise awareness of your tree project or collection. Every Tremap app user on the planet will see your logo in the preview pane for all trees in your collection (unless you've hidden the trees from public viewing). One tap of the logo in the Tremap app, and they'll be delivered directly to a URL of your choice!

We love this new feature! It's a great way to harness the power of Tremap as a marketing and PR tool for tree projects - great for directing traffic to your site or even sending users to social media channels!

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