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Tremap heads to India!

Tremap has just successfully finished Round Two of an Innovate UK funded design study, and now we're off to India to explore commercialisation strategies in what might some day be one of the world's biggest urban forestry markets.

Tremap has been selected as one of just 15 innovative British organisations to take part in Innovate UK's Global Business Innovation Programme delegation to India. From July 21st to 27th Tremap's Richard Maxwell will be in Chennai and Kolkata to present the Tremap core app, the Tree Establishment Monitoring toolkit and GreenSpaces urban forestry management solutions. 

As part of Innovate UK's Net Zero Living and Urban Systems delegation, Tremap looks forward to gaining a better understanding of the enormous potential of the Indian market and how to approach it. We look forward to establishing partnerships with municipalities, private sector entities and academic institutions and bringing Tremap's innovative products to this wonderful new market!

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