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Tremap Enters The Spanish Market!

Tremap to present at International Sustainable Agriculture Day hosted by ConnectClean!

Tremap's mapping and digital labelling platform provides a powerful, economical and super simple toolkit for managing comercial tree based crops. Initially, Tremap has begun providing commercial growers in the olive industry with traceability-to-source and olive variety mapping solutions. This same technology is readily applicable to any other tree-based crop.

Earlier in the month Tremap attended the World Olive Oil Exhibition in Madrid where there was clear focus on the need for traceability. By scanning a QR code on a bottle of olive oil, the Tremap platform lets the consumer see exactly where their oil comes from, the ecological setting of the farm, what grows nearby etc.

Tremap adds value to Spanish brands by engaging the consumer and telling the story behind the olive oil.

Tremap will continue to work in Spain and are quickly expanding to other countries and other commercial products.

Tremap will be at the International Sustainable Agriculture Day in Valencia, Spain hosted by ConnectClean on the 21st of March 2023.

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